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IR, UV, Visible & THz Photodetectors

Boston Electronics photodetectors span the spectrum from UV, Visible, to IR and THz, and are applied in a wide range of markets and applications including remote sensing, chemical and gas detection, disinfection and water purification, and scientific instrumentation to just name a few. Our on-line resources and application specialist will help you determine the most appropriate sensor for your application.

We have two main classes of IR detectors; room temperature and TE-cooled, mercury cadmium telluride (MCT) quantum detectors, preamplifiers, controllers and accessories; and low-cost thermopile room temperature thermal detectors. These cover the spectral range from 2 to 14 um and beyond, thus addressing a wide range of requirements.

Our UV photodiodes, sensors, probes and measurement systems utilize the proven highest reliability technology available (silicon carbide, SiC).  A wide range of spectral coverage is available from UV/blue/visible down to deep UVC, supporting UV applications.

We have unique visible silicon hybrid photodetectors that provide 0 – 5 V amplified output and cover a large range of sensitivities and wide spectral coverage (290-1010 nm).

To see more detailed information on these devices, click to visit the following pages, or follow the product category links at the bottom of the page.

We also supply low cost, infrared imaging arrays that are rapidly being adopted into many applications that previously could not imagine thermal imaging as affordable.  See our separate section for these sensors.

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