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Applications that require UV photodiodes differ widely in required detector properties as well as in spectral and absolute sensitivity.

  • In the field of flame detection very low radiation intensity must be reliably detected. (310nm)
  • The monitoring of UV purification lamps needs UV photodiodes that will operate in high UV dose without degradation for many years. (254nm)
  • Monitoring of very powerful UV radiation emitted by UV curing lamps or LED arrays requires UV photodiodes that endure extreme UV radiation intensity.
  • Monitoring the sun’s UV, in particular the erythemal action spectrum, requires photodiodes with visible blindness and carefully tailored spectral response in the UV region.

Customers that apply Silicon Carbide UV photodiodes to these applications make the best choice within all these application variables. They benefit from the very low dark current, visible blindness, radiation hardness and low temperature coefficient of the signal, 0.1%/K. Operating temperature range is up to 170°C.

  • active area from 0.06 mm² to 36 mm²
  • broadband UV sensitivity or filtered for UVA, UVB, UVC or UV-Index spectral response
  • various simple optics and housings
  • established volume SiC photodiode chip production since 2009
  • PTB (German equivalent of NIST or NPL) measured high radiation hardness

Our photodiode selection catalog (tab and below) will help guide you to the optimized photodetector for your application.  Featured devices are available on the web store.

Note that we can also provide you with higher levels of sensor integration to ease your system design and manufacturing.  Photodiodes can be packaged with integrated amplifiers (TOCON), as well as in environmentally hardened or specialized packages for a range of applications (Probes).  See the linked product category pages for additional information, or call our application specialists for assistance regarding your applications.


SiC Photodiodes - Web Store

PartUV BandRangePeakActive AreaWeb Store
SG01S-18UVABC221 - 358 nm280 nm0.06 mm2Buy
SG01S-18S short capUVABC221 - 358 nm280 nm0.06 mm2Buy
SG01S-18ISO90UVABC221 - 358 nm280 nm0.06 mm2 (3-pin TO-18)Buy
SG01S-5UVABC221 - 358 nm280 nm0.06 mm2Buy
SG01D-18UVABC221 - 358 nm280 nm0.50 mm2Buy
SG01D-5LensUVABC221 - 358 nm280 nm0.50 mm2Buy
SG01L-18UVABC221 - 358 nm280 nm1.00 mm2Buy
SG01L-B5UVB231 - 309 nm280 nm1.00 mm2Buy
SG01S-C5UVC225 - 287 nm275 nm0.06 mm2Buy
SG01S-C18UVC225 - 287 nm275 nm0.06 mm2Buy
Multiboardamplifier board - 2 channelBuy
Voltcon_Medamplifier boardBuy

The photodiodes selection catalog provides detailed information to help you select the best photodiode for your application. You can then refer to the Data Sheets tab to look at more detailed information on a particular device.

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