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Boston Electronics offers a broad selection of infrared (IR) sources / emitters for wide range of applications. We carry emitters from the leading suppliers of steady state and modulated (pulsable) sources, namely HawkEye Technologies, Helioworks and FLIR Systems. All produce devices that are robust, proven and affordable.

Complementing our line of IR emitters are our infrared detectors, and universal photon source driver (UPS) electronics, a powerful, flexible driver to allow you to easily use the range of sources we provide

Typical applications for our emitters include;

  • Spectroscopy/ non-dispersive infrared spectroscopy (NDIR)
  • Medical (CO2 / other gases monitoring, breath /vapor analyzing)
  • Military / Law Enforcement (beacons, IFF)
  • Automotive / Transportation (breath alcohol testing / exhaust monitoring)
  • Aerospace (calibration systems, image sensing)
  • HVAC (demand controlled ventilation, refrigerant monitoring)
  • Safety / Industrial / Environment Control (combustion gas analyzers, gas detection, air pollution)

We have four types of electrically modulatable IR thermal sources. These are:

  • Filament sources from HelioWorks, HawkEye, and Heimann
  • Diamond-like film sources from HawkEye and Heimann
  • Metallic foil sources from HelioWorks and FLIR
  • Silicon-based photonic crystal sources from FLIR.

See our catalog below for the range of solutions we offer and if you have questions speak with our applications staff to discuss your requirements.  Also, visit our web store to easily purchase the devices you need.

IR Sources - Web Store

PartTypeTemp.PowerVoltsCurrentWeb Store
IR-70Pulsed750 C0.9 W6.0 W0.15 ABuy
IR-75IR-70 with
750 C0.9 W6.0 W0.15 ABuy
EP-3965Pulsed1626 C7.2 W3.5 V2.0 ABuy
IR-12KSteady State975 C11 W6.0 W1.8 ABuy
MC-233Elliptical optics
for IR-12K
MC-234Parabolic optics
for IR-12K

HawkEye Technologies

For 40 years HawkEye Technologies has been an industry leader in the manufacture of high quality standard and customized IR thermal emitters featuring true blackbody radiation characteristics, low power consumption, high emissivity and a long lifetime.

The broadband steady state and electrically modulated (pulsable) IR thermal sources supplied by HawkEye Technologies produce a broad spectrum of IR light from 1 to 20 µm (mid-infrared) depending upon the operating temperature of the device. HawkEye has developed a proprietary line of reflectors to maximize the performance of the emitters and offers a variety of windows to achieve the desired effect.


HelioWorks, Inc. manufactures a wide range of sources primarily for the OEM market. Infrared sources from HelioWorks include pulsable sources utilizing Tungsten and Nichrome (NiCr) and steady state sources utilizing Kanthal and Tungsten filaments. All are constructed in industry standard TO-3, TO-5 and TO-8 sized packages with gold plated parabolic reflectors to enhance output in the near infrared.

FLIR Systems

Jan-1, 2018 Note: FLIR sources have gone end-of-life.  Please ask us about remaining availability, and substitute products from HawkEye and HelioWorks. The FLIR pulsIR and reflectIR product family features a low thermal-mass filament that has been ion-beam treated for high infrared emissivity. These electrically-pulsed, high intensity infrared radiators provide intense IR output while operating at relatively low temperature. This improves power efficiency, extends lifetime, and reduces the parasitic heating of system optics and detectors. They may be operated constant or pulsed at rates up to 10 Hz enabling the design of smaller and simpler systems. PulsIR Benefits include:

  • Sensitive Gas Measurements
  • Pulsed or Constant operation
  • Multi-gas measurements
  • Optimize your application
  • Collimated or Lambertian output
  • Long Lifetime
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