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Terahertz (THz) Imaging

THz imaging (0.1 – 10 THz frequency, or 3mm to 30um wavelength) is being applied to a growing number of applications including:

  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Security
  • Military
  • Life Sciences
  • Astronomy

The benefits of THz imaging include:

  • Longer wavelength/ deeper penetration
  • See-through camouflage and objects
  • 106X less energy than X-rays
  • Non-ionizing unlike X-rays
  • Presence of atmospheric transmission windows

Boston Electronics is proud to offer to the US market novel THz imaging solutions in cooperation with INO, the widely respected Institut national d’optique (INO) of Quebec, Canada.

INO’s MICRXCAM camera and illumination system provides a THz imaging system solution for researchers and developers developing end-use equipment, and laboratory instrumentation.

MICROXCAM-384i-THz Terahertz Camera

The MICROXCAM-384i-THz is a camera based on the sensitive INO 384 x 288-pixel uncooled microbolometer FPA optimized for the terahertz waveband. Due to its longer wavelength, THz band offers unmatched penetration depth for seeing through materials such as fabric, ceramic, plastic, leather, or cardboard. Thus, the camera shows sensitivity over a wide spectral range, providing live video images. It features a very small footprint: 61 x 61 x 65 mm.

The camera electronics handles raw data acquisition and data transfer over GigE, providing 16-bit raw image outputs at 50 Hz. The camera can be further equipped with fast or ultra-fast 44 mm focal length refractive optics optimized for the THz region.

THz Illumination

INO offers a terahertz (THz) illumination source especially designed to build a complete THz imaging system when paired with INO’s THz camera, the MICROXCAM-384i-THz.

The THz imaging system is used for see-through imaging. Its default configuration is for transmission imaging, where the object under test is placed between the THz source and the THz camera. The system may also be configured to operate in reflection mode.

See the tabs to the left and the product data sheets below to learn more about the specific of the MICROXCAM’s capabilities.


Download the THZ camera system catalog.  Camera and optics specifications are summarized below.

THz Camera Specifications

Waveband70 - 3189 um / 4.25 - 0.094 THz
Sensor384 x 288 pixels uncooled
Pixel pitch35 um
Sensor packageSilicon float zone window, AR coated
Frame rate50 Hz
Video outputGigE Link, RJ-45 connector, 16-bit raw data
Supply12 VDC nominal (1-15 VDC)
Powerless than 3 Watts excluding TEC power
Dimensions2.4 x 2.4 x 2.6 in.
Weight0.8 lbs (excluding optics)
Temperature0 to 40 C.

THz Imaging Optics Specifications

SpecificationsFast OpticsUltrafast Optics
Focal length44 mm44 mm
F number0.950.7
Object distance90 cm to infinity60 cm to infinity
Lens materialHRFZ-SiHRFZ-Si
AR coatingParalyne-CParalyne-C
Number of lenses22
Dimensions80mm dia x 52 mm long80mm dia x 66.5 mm long
Weight235 g350 g

Download the THZ camera system catalog.  Illuminator specifications are summarized below.

THz Illuminator Specifications

SpecificationsSetup @ 515 GHzSetup @ 282 GHz
Source center frequency515 GHz282 GHz
Illumination surface~ 4.5 x 6 in.~ 4.5 x 6 in.
THz illumination opticsoptimized beam uniformity at 515 GHzoptimized beam uniformity at 282GHz
Output power~1.25 mW typical~4 mW typical
Power supply110 - 240 V AC110 - 240 V AC
Power consumption~6 - 7 W~6 - 7 W
Recommended operating temperature20 to 30 C20 to 30 C
Dimensions25 x 44 x 40 cm25 x 44 x 40 cm
Weight12.7 kg12.7 kg
Othernear flat-top rectangular illuminationnear flat-top rectangular illumination
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