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The UPS Driver is a flexible, low cost, configurable, drive circuit for a wide range of photonics devices. The UPS Driver can produce either pulsed output voltages as well as continuous wave signals, which makes it suitable for driving: thermal sources, LEDs and QCLs. The driver is the perfect complement to the IR sources and LEDs, UV LED and QCL that Boston Electronics supplies.

Control of the parameters is provided by PC software. The parameters are stored in the EEPROM memory; therefore, the configuration may be restored immediately after power is on, with no need to reprogram each time. The device is equipped with the voltage and current monitor and trigger output.

  • Easy to use
  • Low cost
  • Simple control using dedicated software or a virtual port
  • Adjustable voltage driving the IR source
  • CW or pulsed operation
  • Current and voltage monitor powered from USB (<0.5A) or DC connector
  • Compact size
  • Custom configuration upon request
  • Additional accessories available
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