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Integrated UV Sensor Solutions

UV Sensors and Probes - Robust, High Performance

  • UV
  • Sensor

SiC photodiode UV sensors and probes meet the demanding needs for lamp monitoring and control in water, air, sun, surface, curing and instrument applications.

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Performance and Packaging

OEM IR Detectors - High Speed, High Performance

  • Photodetector
  • Sensors

OEM IR detection systems (detector, preamplifier, controller) are increasingly being adopted by customers for their specific system requirements.

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Silicon TOCONs

UV-Visible-NIR Silicon Hybrid Photodiodes

  • Visible
  • Hybrid Photodetector

Spectral band - 290 to 1010 nm. Sensors provide amplified 0 - 5 V output over a wide range of selectable sensitivities (picowatts/cm2 to Watts/cm2.

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Infrared Sensors and Application Sets

Low Cost Digital Thermal Imaging for IoT Applications

  • thermal imaging

Silicon-based thermal imaging arrays with digital output from Heimann are now available in a range of formats (8x8 to 80x64).

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THz Imaging

THz Imaging Camera and Illumination Systems

  • THz
  • Imaging

THz imaging cameras and illumination systems for industrial, R&D and security applications.

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Featured: Nobel Prize Winner!

Dr. Rainer Weiss

Dr. Rainer Weiss of MIT has won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on LIGO

Boston Electronics is proud to have supplied Dr. Weiss and the LIGO team through the years with MCT IR detectors from Vigo. A well deserved prize for helping broaden our understanding of the universe.

  • IR detectors
  • LIGO
MIT news release

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High Performance IRFPA/IDCA

HD Thermal Imaging Cameras

  • Imaging
  • Infrared

High performance HD and large format IRFPA imaging cameras - SWIR, MWIR and LWIR.

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We are a distributor of advanced electro-optical components and specialized systems for microscopy.

Boston Electronics enables its customers to develop and manufacture superior products, and perform leading edge research by providing them with a broad range of advanced electro-optical solutions and knowledgeable application support.

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