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QCLs are generally available from inventory in the wavelength region from 4.2 to 16+ microns. Ongoing developments are expanding the waveband ranges to both higher and lower wavelengths.

Devices are available as:

Individual single-mode lasers. Distributed feedback, or DFB, devices are available in continuous-wave (CW) or pulsed operation.

Standard Fabry-Pérot (FP). FP QCLs do not have an integrated optical grating to select a single spectral mode

High Power multimode sources. These Quantum Cascade Lasers have a minimum average power of 1W and more than 9W of peak power. Available in a collimated HHL package with a dedicated driver, these lasers can be used for free-space optical communications, energy deposition, illumination and IR countermeasures.

Broad Gain lasers. These lasers are Fabry-Pérot lasers designed for maximum width of the gain profile. They can be used as broad spectrum illuminators for spectroscopy or imaging. Combined with an anti-reflection coating, they are suitable for use in an external cavity to obtain a tunable laser with wide tuning range. Their wide and flat gain spectrum can also be suitable to develop frequency combs.

Extended tuning sources available in HHL packages Alpes Lasers offers two types of extended tuning devices, both of which allow rapid tuning at fixed temperature in a wider range than standard DFB lasers. The QC-ET allows fully continuous tuning over 0.4% of the central wavelength, while the QC-XT allows piece-wise continuous tuning over 2% of the central wavelength.

Frequency Comb Quantum Cascade Lasers. Frequency Comb QCL are devices emitting light on a wide spectrum consisting of equidistant peaks in frequency space. The distance between these peaks being fixed, typically given by the pulse repetition rate of a train of ultrashort pulses, they can be used as rulers in the frequency domain for Frequency Comb Spectroscopy.

External Cavity Kit for larger tuning range. Alpes Lasers’ line of External Cavity Laser Kit (ECLK) is designed for single-mode operation with wide spectral tunability. The ECLK consists of a quantum cascade laser (QCL) gain chip, a grating-tuned extended optical cavity in Littrow configuration, laser drive electronics, an Alpes Lasers TC-3 temperature controller, and a graphical user interface software.

SWIR Laser Diodes.  Short Wave Infrared Laser Diodes are continuous wave, multiple longitudinal mode Fabry-Perot devices emitting light over a bandwidth of ~20 nm with output power up to 50 mW. They are offered either as chip-on-carrier or encapsulated in a low power TO-66 package with collimated or divergent free-space beam output.

Alpes SWIR Laser Diodes can be tailored in the range from 1.45-2.2 microns with each design having a bandwidth of ~20 nm. Available wavelengths include the absorption bands of N2O, H2O, CH4 and HCl among others.

Starter kit: we offer a “starter kit” of hardware to stabilize the QCL device temperature at any temp from -30C to +30C and to energize (drive) the device. Details of the “starter kit” are contained in our catalog.

Last, but not least, QCLs are made on wafers. Each wafer can contain many devices of similar performance. Alpes has now build QCLs at a number of wavelengths in the 5 to 10+ micron region. We encourage you to ask what wavelengths are available in semi-fabricated form. If one meets your needs it may be less expensive and faster delivery than an entirely new one.

See our catalog at the link below.

Linked below are the current inventory of  single mode lasers in stock at Alpes.  These lasers are available upon request with a typical lead time of 2 to 6 weeks for chips on NS carrier and 6 to 8 weeks with an hermetic package.

These lasers are able to emit a single wavelength at a time. They can be tuned within a range that can reach up to 10 cm-1; there exists a variety of modulation schemes which can be used for different purposes. DFB lasers are mostly used for spectroscopy.

QCLs are available in a range of packaging options depending upon your application and set-up. Packages provide appropriate electrical, optical, mechanical and thermal interfaces for your particular device.

Chip on Carrier

Laser chips from Alpes Lasers can be mounted on a variety of sub-mounts:

  • The NS sub-mount is a standard copper sub-mount that can be mounted in a HHL or LLH housing or a variety of third party housings. The NS sub-mount is typically attached mechanically (e.g. using screws) to a heatsink. The NS sub-mount can hold single or twin laser chips.
  • The HP-GS sub-mount is a larger copper sub-mount that is used only for high-power lasers.
  • The AN sub-mount is an aluminium nitride thin sub-mount with a metallized back-contact. It can be mounted in a HHL or TO-3 housing. A laser on AN sub-mount can also be mounted onto a NS-like copper sub-mount to form the AN-NSP sub-mount.

LLH (Laboratory Laser Housing)

The LLH housing is the perfect housing for research applications. With easy laser exchange and compatibility with Alpes Lasers’ Starter Kit, it is the most versatile housing available.

  • TE cooler inside, minimum temperature <-30°C
  • Laser power supply by low impedance line from LDD100
  • Exchangeable laser sub mount (NS or ST).
  • Direct voltage measurement on the laser connection, AC coupled.
  • Pt100 temperature measurement.
  • Needs air or water cooling (water tubing not included)
  • Temperature stabilization, compatible with TC-3
  • Can support both CW and pulsed lasers

HHL (High Heat Load)

The HHL housing is a sealed collimated housing for CW or pulsed lasers. It is ideal for short-run integration and use in difficult environments.

  • Size : 44.5 mm x 31.7 mm x 19 mm
  • Sealed Package
  • Base to be attached on flat heatsink surface using M3 screws
  • Peltier cooled laser-stage inside, temperature differential up to 60°C
  • Anti-reflection coated ZnSe protective window
  • Internal lens
  • Collimated beam, divergence < 6 mrad
  • Pt100 or NTC temperature measurement.
  • Needs cool backplate.
  • Support lasers with dissipation < 12 W on NS, AN or AN-NSP mounts
  • Pigtail mount for single mode fiber coupling

TO3 Package

Pulsed lasers are available in TO3 cans, which are smaller and less power-intensive than the HHL packages. TO3 cans are sealed and the beam is collimated.

  • Size : 38.8 mm x 25.4 mm x 20.5 mm
  • Small-size, low dissipation for OEM applications
  • Pulsed lasers or low-dissipation CW laser with < 3 W dissipation only

Bare Chips

Bear chips can be supplied if you have a specialized need.  Call our application support to discuss, 617-566-3821

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