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A TOCON is a UV photodetector that contains a SiC or a GaP detector chip and an amplifier circuit that outputs a voltage of 0 to 5V. This output voltage is linear in proportion to the UV radiation intensity reaching the SiC chip.

Compared with an unamplified UV photodiode the TOCON’s big advantage is higher available gain than with discrete amplifier. The TOCON features an amplifier inside the hermetic TO-5 metal housing in close proximity to the detector. This design protects the usually very low current levels generated by the detector from electromagnetic interference and provides long-term stability.

We offer each TOCON type in many different amplification levels to match your optical input signal and avoid saturation or low voltage output levels.

  • SiC based UV sensors with 0 to 5 V voltage output
  • versions available for intensities from 1.8pW/cm² up to 18W/cm²
  • broadband UV sensitivity or filtered for UVA, UVB, UVC or UV-Index spectral response
  • GaP-chip based series for blue light hazard measurement and curing
  • various simple optics
  • available in TO-5 housings or as miniature sensor probes (stainless steel or plastic)

Please see the selection guide tab for assistance selecting the best suited TOCON.

The TOCON selection catalog provides detailed information to help you select the best TOCON for your application. You can then refer to the Data Sheets tab to look at more detailed information on the particular device.


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