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The applications of UV sensor probes are quite varied. Our probes are designed to be used and survive at high temperatures, in harsh environments, under water, as well as in normal environments. We have a wide range of probes tailored to your individual requirements and conditions of use. This includes incorporating the required optics, environmental endurance, spectral responsivity and electronic output interface.

  • various optics and housings tailored for individual conditions of use
  • 0 to 5 V voltage, 4 to 20 mA current loop or digital interface (CAN or USB) output options
  • SiC photodiode chip based Broadband UV sensitivity or filtered for UVA, UVB, UVC or UV-Index spectral sensitivity
  • GaP-chip based series for blue light hazard measurement
  • to be calibrated with potentiometers or microprocessors – provision for recalibration in the field by qualified users is available in some models
  • calibration services available prior to delivery and after use

The UV sensor probe selection catalog is a handy guide to probe selections and shows the wide range of choices. Please call one of our application specialist to discuss your specific needs.

The probe selection catalog provides detailed information to help you select the best TOCON for your application.   You can then refer to the Data Sheets tab to look at more detailed information on the particular device.

The UV Index is defined by ISO 17166 and quantifies the risk of sunburn (Erythema Solare) at a given solar UV exposure spectrum.  UV Index measurement can be made using radiometers such as photodiode based integrating sensors. This method requires precision matching of the photodiode’s spectral responsivity with the erythema action curve of the human skin and a cosine field of view.

Our Products

Our components and systems for measurement of the UV Index are listed below. It starts with a selection of UV-Index photodiodes (external amplifier needed). Easiest to use components are the UV-Index TOCONs (photodiodes with internal amplifier for 0 to 5 V voltage output). The sglux UV-Cosine UV-Index probe is a waterproof sensor ready-to-mount outdoors with cosine field of view.

To display and control the sensor’s signal sglux offers the UVTOUCH and UV Control Pad displays as well as datalogger units. The sglux SYKLINK UV transmitter converts the sensor’s signal into a web graph and transmits this graph to one or more multiple webpages.

All items will be delivered calibrated (PTB traceable) on request.  Solutions include:

  • Photodiodes for measurement of the UV Index, various optics and detector chip areas
  • UV sensors (TOCONs) with 0 to 5 V voltage output for measurement of the UV Index, various optics
  • UV sensor probes for measurement of the UV Index, cosine field of view
  • Measurement mean error of these sensors is only 1.3%
  • the spectral response curve and the field of view (cosine type) is in accordance with the requirements defined in the ISO 17166 standard
  • Display devices with graphic touch screen and logging function available
  • microcomputer based UV Index measurement station with network connection available

Our UV Index Measurement catalog can assist you in selecting the correct probes for your measurement.

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