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About Boston Electronics

Boston Electronics enables its customers to develop and manufacture superior products, and perform leading edge research by providing them with a broad range of advanced electro-optical solutions and knowledgeable application support. For forty years, Boston Electronics has been the premier distributor of leading edge electro-optic solutions, bringing to the market advantaged products from the best manufacturers worldwide.

We work closely with our customers addressing their sensor requirements in a wide range of markets including, environmental monitoring, process control, scientific instrumentation, life sciences and biomedical technologies, building and home automation and security and surveillance.

Boston Electronics are specialists in photo-detection and photon generation, including photon counting systems and components, ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) detectors and light sources, and tunable IR lasers (quantum cascade lasers or QCL), and signal processing electronics.

  • Analog Photodetectors for the UV, visible and IR
  • Photon Sources -Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL), IR-LED, UV-LED and IR sources
  • Analog signal processing electronics (amplifiers, etc)
  • Digital (Photon Counting) detectors (UV, Vis, NIR)
  • Digital TCSPC photon counting electronics
  • Lidar transient recorders
  • Laboratory products (optical choppers, lock-in amplifiers, blackbodies)

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Whatever your application, Boston Electronics is here to provide knowledgeable application support to help you determine the best solutions and products for you.

Boston Electronics represents leading electro-optics companies, bringing their solutions and product to a broad market.  Our partners have advantaged solution, unique performance and broad applications.

Photodetectors & Imaging


Vigo System

High speed, high performance IR photodiodes and preamplifiers
IR Detectors


SiC UV photdetectors, sensors and probes. Calibration services
UV Detectors, Sensors & Probes


IR imaging sensors, IR thermopile and pyroelectric sensors
IR Imaging Thermopiles


THz Imaging Cameras
THz Imaging Cameras

IR & UV Sources


Alpes Laser

Tunable IR and THz quantum cascade lasers (QCL)
Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL)


IR emitters, CW and pulsed
IR Sources


IR emitters, CW and pulsed
IR Sources

FLIR Systems

Pulsed IR emitters
IR Sources




Deep UV LEDs

Photon Counting


Becker & Hickl

Photon counting electronics, photodetectors, picosecond lasers and integrated systems
Photon Counting


Transient recording and detection modules for Differential Absorption Laser Radar (DIAL)
DIAL Lidar


Superconducting sensor systems and THz receivers
Photon Counting Detectors



Calibrated blackbody systems
Calibrated Blackbodies

Nikkiso AquiSense

PearlBeam UV dose instrumentation
PearlBeam UV Dose

Organizations & Interests

  • SPIE – The international society for optics and photonics
  • OSA – Optical Society of America
  • IUVA – International Ultraviolet Association
  • MIRTHE+ – Mid-Infrared and other Photonic
    Technologies for Health and the Environment
  • SfN – Society for Neuroscience
  • LIGO – MIT Advanced LIGO – Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory
  • ACS – American Chemical Society

Life & Leisure