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We are please to offer infrared imaging cameras from American Infrared Solutions (AIRS), a leader in the development and manufacter of OEM solution for high performance IR imaging and detection applications.

AIRS infrared imaging cameras, modules and integrated dewar/cooler assemblies (IDCA), can meet the most demanding mission and application requirements such as high performance, long range ISR, hyperspectral imaging for scientific applications or OEM sensors for integration into your specific system.

High performance LWIR, MWIR, and extended SWIR cameras include HD and large format MCT and T2SLS IRFPAs. Available in HD and megapixel formats, with broadband response and high quantum efficiency, MCT and T2SLS based cameras provide exceptional imaging capability. With high quantum efficiency, they can operating at high F/No resulting in better size, weight and power (SWAP) characteristics.

High performance thermal imaging cameras include:

  • HD or large format IRFPAs
  • High resolutions
  • High operating temperature
  • High reliability IDCA with long life linear or rotary coolers
  • Low f/no. optics options
  • HDMI or Camera Link outputs

See our YouTube page to view high performance IR imagery.

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