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In general, our thermopile sensors are used for non-contact temperature measurement and for gas concentration sensing by absorption of IR radiation at a specific wavelength in a gas cell. We encourage your inquires – please tell us about the details of of your application, quantities involved and schedule on which samples and production quantities will be needed. We will respond with our suggestions regarding detector type and other details.

We have a variety of thermopile sensors in different sizes made by our partners, Heimann Sensor. We offer single, dual sensors, and quad sensor types.

Thermopile sensors generate a small thermoelectric voltage proportional to the detected radiation. These sensors can be used to determine surface temperatures or to measure certain gas concentrations, like CO2, CO, N2O or Hydrocarbons, according to the principle of non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) spectroscopy. Our thermopile sensors can be operated at temperatures between -20 and +120°C (-20 to 180°C for HTS-HT) and are equipped with a thermistor reference to determine the sensors housing temperature which normally is equal to ambient temperature. The sensors are available in standard TO-8, TO-39, TO-46 and Micro TO packages.

Our catalog contains application notes for the use of these sensors, and technical information on the range of detectors, packages and filter options.

Heimann thermopile modules are thermopile sensors with integrated signal processing. They are consisting of radiation detecting sensor chips and integrated circuits in the same housing. We offer a variety of modules from fully calibrated non-contact thermometers with digital temperature output to analog sensors with integrated fixed gain amplifiers. They can be equipped with various standard or customized infrared filter.

Our thermopile sensors with integrated signal processing are designed to reduce application effort in development and production. They are divided into two main groups of calibrated thermopile modules and fixed gain integrated sensors. A broad range of housings is available from transistor outline packages (TO), printed circuit board and SMD packages.

Integrated Sensors

Heimann integrated sensors are thermopile sensor, low-noise amplifier and for single sensors a temperature reference integrated in same housing. Different types of signal conditioning ASICs can deliver analog or digitized output voltages for single or dual channel. They come with factory set fixed gain and can be equipped with various available or customized filters. The devices are available in 4-pin TO-39/TO-5 packages (HIS-series), 4-pin TO-46/TO-18 packages (HIM-series) or SMD packages (HCM-series). Main application of our integrated sensors is NDIR gas detection.

Thermopile Modules

Heimann thermopile modules are non-contact thermometers comprising a high sensitive thermopile sensor and a signal conditioning circuit in the same housing. The thermopile modules can be supplied factory calibrated to a defined object temperature range, with or without internal temperature compensation reducing ambient temperature influence or even adjusted to fixed gain. The devices are available in standard TO-39/TO-5 packages (HIS-series), mounted on printed circuit board (HTIA series) or SMD packages (HCM-series). Different types of signal conditioning ASICs can deliver analog output voltages or calculated temperatures on digital SM-Bus or PWM output. Main application is non-contact temperature measurement.

Our pyroelectric sensors are lithium tantalate based and are distinguished by a very high detectivity. We offer single, dual and quad sensor types and several types of linear arrays.

Heimann Sensor thin film pyroelectric gas sensors combine very high responsivity and specific detectivity with low microphonic effect in a small, TO type packages. Various different narrow band filters can adapt the sensor to a wide variety of different environmental gases. Using a compensation channel, the sensor can be made insensitive to both ambient temperature and long term drift effects.

See our catalog and discuss your requirements with our application team. We can offer you a suitable detector, IR source and source driver board for your NDIR gas measurement application.

The Heimann vacuum sensor series HVS contains new innovative sensor chips using silicon micromachining technology. The silicon batch technology allows miniaturization and low cost high volume manufacturing. The standard measurement range from 1E-5 mbar to 1E-2 mbar can be extended to 1E-1 mbar on special request.  Sensors are housed in TO packages.

See the vacuum sensor data sheet


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