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Advanced detector modules are available supporting a wide range of applications and measurement techniques. These include:

  • Hybrid Detectors, Si SPADs, Cooled PMT modules and Infrared InGaAs SPAD Detectors for single photon detection
  • SPAD modules, PIN photodiode modules and integrated photodiode modules for triggering and pulse energy measurements
  • Multi-channel / multi-spectral detectors including, 16-channel PMT, 16-channel multi-spectral FLIM detection systems
  • Additional detection accessories include multi-channel routers, implantable probes, shutters, beam splitters and fiber adapters.

Becker &Hickl detection solutions feature:

  • Excellent timing resolution
  • Clean TCSPC instrument response function
  • High quantum efficiency
  • Extremely low after pulsing probability
  • Increased dynamic range

Scontel offers superconducting single photon detectors (SSPD) and ultra-low noise single photon registration systems for the visible and near infrared range. All systems operate in a continuous mode (no gating). The system is based on fiber-coupled NbN superconducting single photon detectors and can have several independent  channels (up to 8). For operation superconducting detectors need cryogenic temperatures, and Scontel offers complete cooling system.

Please see our Single Photon Counting Detectors for TCSPC catalog for detailed information on the wide range of detectors available.

High Speed Hybrid Detector for TCSPC

  • Instrument response function down to 37 ps FWHM
  • Overload protection
  • 3 mm cathode diameter
  • No afterpulsing
  • Direct interfacing to all bh TCSPC systems
  • Power supply and control via DCC-100 module
  • Internal generators for PMT operating voltages
  • High dynamic range of TCSPC measurements
  • Clean response, no tails or secondary peaks

Universal TCSPC Detector

  • Fast TCSPC Instrument Response: < 150 ps FWHM
  • Internal Cooler: Low Dark Count Rate
  • Internal GHz Preamplifier: High Output Amplitude
  • Overload Indicator and TTL / CMOS Overload Output
  • +12V Supply – Internal High Voltage Generator!
  • Excellent Noise Immunity
  • Standard C-Mount Adapter
  • Excellent Photon Counting Performance
  • Direct Interfacing to all bh Photon Counting Devices
  • Operated via bh DCC-100 detector controller


PMC-150-04          Multialkali, UV          185-870 nm
PMC-150-110        Super Bialkali            230-700 nm
PMC-150-113        Super Bialkali, UV    185-700 nm
PMC-150-210        Ultra Bialkali              230-700 nm
PMC-150-20          Extended Red            300-900 nm

High Speed Avalanche Photodiode Module

  • Active Areas from 0.03 mm² to 7 mm²
  • 150 ps Pulse Rise Time / 320 ps FWHM
  • Internal Temperature Compensation
  • Spectral Range from 330 nm to 1100 nm
  • Single +12V supply

Reference Trigger Photodiode Module

  • Pulse Response Width 400 ps
  • Pulse Rise Time <200 ps
  • Spectral Range 330-1050 nm
  • Current Indicator
  • +5V or +12 V Supply

Reference Trigger Photodiode Module

  • Pulse Response Width 400 ps
  • Pulse Rise Time <200 ps
  • Spectral Range 330-1050 nm
  • +5V or +12 V Supply


Ultra-low Noise Superconducting Single Photon Counting (SSPD) System for the visible and near-IR

  • Operation in the visible and infrared ranges (overlapping unavailable for APD range)
  • Operation in a continuous mode
  • No afterpulsing
  • Low level of dark counts ( ≤ 0.1 cps )
  • Picosecond time resolution ( ≤ 25 ps )
  • System detection efficiency ( ≥ 85 % )
  • One, two, or multi-channel systems
  • Standard single-mode fiber input
  • Easy to integrate with LabVIEW and other standard environment
  • Full-support service (installation, operation training, technical support)
  • Optimization of receiver system characteristics to the customer needs

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