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Scontel offers superconducting single photon detectors (SSPD) and ultra-low noise singlephoton
registration systems for the visible and near infrared range. All systems operate
in a continuous mode (no gating).

The system is based on fiber-coupled NbN superconducting single photon detectors and
can have several independent channels (up to 8). For operation superconducting detectors
need cryogenic temperatures, and Scontel offers a complete cooling system.

  • Operation in the visible and infrared ranges (overlapping unavailable for APD range)
  • Operation in a continuous mode
  • No afterpulsing
  • Low level of dark counts ( ≤ 0.1 cps )
  • Picosecond time resolution ( ≤ 25 ps )
  • System detection efficiency ( ≥ 85 % )
  • One, two, or multi-channel systems
  • Standard single-mode fiber input
  • Easy to integrate with LabVIEW and other standard environment
  • Full-support service (installation, operation training, technical support)
  • Optimization of receiver system characteristics to the customer needs

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Superconducting Single Photon Counting (SSPD)