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Software for TCSPC

We offer a range of software packages to complement your TCSPC systems.

Packages are available for:

  • Instrument control and visualization (SPCM)
  • FLIM Data Analysis (SPCImage)
  • Single Molecule Burst Analysis (Burst Analyzer)

SPCM data acquisition software is provided free with all Becker & Hickl TCSPC modules and DPC-230 photon correlators. SPCM is 64-bit software for Windows for megapixel FLIM technology:

  • Acquisition of FLIM images
  • Online calculation and fit of FCS curves
  • Online calculation of PCH, and MCS traces
  • Configurable for different instrument configurations
  • Easy change between different configurations
  • Parallel operation of up to four SPC or DPC modules
  • Online display of images and curves
  • Full access to all functions of the boards
  •  One software for all bh TCSPC modules
  •  Page stepping
  • Accumulation and autosave functions
  • Oscilloscope mode
  • Single and repeat mode
  • Sequential modes
  • Imaging modes
  • Time tag mode
  • Time tag imaging mode
  • Integrated scanner control
  • Interaction of scanner control with display cursors
  • 2D and 3D display modes
  • 3D Curve mode, colour-intensity mode
  • Software gating of image display
  • Display of multi-wavelength FLIM images
  • 2D and 3D data processing functions
  • Loading of predefined setups
  • Saving, loading, and conversion of photon distributions,images, and time-tag data

SPCImage software for FLIM Data Analysis providespowerful processing for:

  • Analysis of FLIM data
  • Analysis of PLIM data
  • Analysis of multiple FLIM or PLIM channels
  • Analysis of single-curve fluorescence data
  • Analysis of single-curve phosphorescence data
  • Analysis by iterative convolution and fit procedure
  • Analysis by first moment of photon distribution
  • Processing of Megapixel FLIM data
  • Processing of Mosaic FLIM data
  • Batch processing of multiple FLIM files
  • Batch processing of multi-wavelength FLIM data
  • Batch export of FLIM images and decay data
  • Multiple region of interest definition
  • Many other functions

  • Calculation of FCS and cross-FCS
  • FCS fit with user-defined model functions
  • Identificaction of single-molecule photon bursts in parameter-tag data
  • Analysis of fluorescence intensity within photon bursts
  • Analysis of fluorescence lifetime within photon bursts
  • One- and two-dimensional histograms of burst parameters
  • Filtered histograms of burst parameters
  • Discrimination of different fluorescent species
  • Determination of FRET efficiencies
  • Discrimination of different FRET states
  • Exclusion of artefacts in intensity traces

LabVIEW libraries are offered for the following for the following modules:

  • SPC-13x
  • SPC-140
  • SPC-15x
  • SPC-16x
  • SPC-7×0
  • SPC-6×0
  • SPC-830
  • DPC-230

DLL libraries for programming in e.g. C++ are available for the following modules:

  • SPC-13x
  • SPC-140
  • SPC-15x
  • SPC-16x
  • SPC-7×0
  • SPC-6×0
  • SPC-830
  • DPC-230
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