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In addition to the wide variety of standard solutions offered, Boston Electronics and Vigo provide tailored OEM solutions that are specifically configured to be embedded into your product.

Solutions range from custom detectors, electronics, and packaging. Our OEM customers recognize the advantages of a product configured to their requirements:

  • higher performance than separately designed sub-assemblies
  • ease in supply chain and configuration management
  • value-added solution to simplify in-house engineering and relieve manufacturing complexity
  • cost advantage of integrated, volume solutions
  • customized functionality and interfaces

Examples of OEM solutions include:

  • all-in-one sensor – fully integrating detector, transimpedance preamplifier and TEC controller into a single assembly
  • flexible platform design
  • single power supply
  • effective thermal management
  • customized bandwidth, low EMI
  • high stability
  • compact packaging

Whether you are a new or existing customer, please contact our application specialists to help you define the optimum OEM configuration for your products.

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