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Scan Well Plates

DCS-120 Confocal FLIM System Scans Well Plates

Rick Mannello 10.01.18

The Becker & Hickl DCS-120 confocal FLIM system is able to scan well plates. The well plate is placed on a motor stage. A defined area within the first well is scanned by the optical scanner of the DCS system, then the plate is shifted by the distance between the wells, and the next well is scanned. The data are saved as a normal Mosaic FLIM-mode file of the SPCM operating software. A preliminary lifetime image is displayed during the acquisition, precision multi-exponential lifetime analysis is performed by bh SPCImage data analysis software.

Figures: Well plate on microscope stage, fluorescence-lifetime image, decay functions in wells 4 and 5, lower row.

For additional information on our FLIM systems ans the DCS-120 Scanner please visit our Photon Counting pages.