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Research & Development

Scientists and instrument developers depend on Boston Electronics to help them. From picosecond time-resolved microscopy of living cells; to the measurement and monitoring of solid, liquid and gas material compositions and related processes, Boston Electronics has solutions.  Whether in your lab here on Earth, or up in space, we strive to support good science.

  • Scientific instrumentation – IR detectors, lasers and sources. Lock-in amplifiers, calibrated blackbodies and UV dose instruments from Vigo, Alpes, ISDC, Nikkiso and sglux
  • Biomedical research – fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM), cellular studies, from Becker & Hickl.  Our solutions are used by three Nobel prize laureates
  • Quantum optics – photon counting detectors, high speed electronics, and lasers, from Becker & Hickl and Scontel (THz)
  • Space Exploration and Astronomy – IR and UV detectors for instrumentation for Mars exploration, detectors for LIGO for gravity wave detection from Vigo and sglux

Research & Development Products