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Announcing Frequency Combs Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) from Alpes Lasers

Rick Mannello 09.03.17

Frequency Comb Quantum Cascade Lasers are devices emitting light on a wide spectrum consisting of equidistant peaks in frequency space. The distance between these peaks being fixed, typically given by the pulse repetition rate of a train of ultrashort pulses, they can be used as rulers in the frequency domain for Frequency Comb Spectroscopy. In the mid-infrared range, Quantum Cascade Lasers with specifically engineered optical dispersion emit broad and powerful optical frequency combs.

The wide and flat gain spectrum of Broad Gain Lasers make them suitable for operation as Frequency Combs. As the operating range where comb operation can occur is very sensitive to the fine structure of the heterostructure, each QCL-Comb is tested and qualified.

The Alpes QCL comb is a stand alone device as it integrates the pump laser and the microcavity in its waveguide contrarily to other comb technologies. This makes it a very compact comb source. Being based on QCL technology, comb devices can be manufactured across the MWIR and LWIR.

See our QCL products page for more information.

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