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Developed by optoelectronics pioneers Professors Akasaki and Amano, recipients of the 2014 Nobel Prize in physics, Nikkiso’s unique UV-LED technology offers:

  • Industry leading performance in 265 – 300 nm
  • Unsurpassed reliability

Unique chip designs are optimized for high-volume, cost-effective manufacturing. Nikkiso utilizes proprietary semiconductor chip innovation customized for the deep ultra-violet regime. Leveraging industry-proven fabrication tools and large-scale sapphire substrates, these high-performance chips were specifically designed to be manufactured in high volume and at lower costs.

A wide range of UV LED are available for easy purchase in our web store.

Micro SMD Devices

These all-purpose miniature surface mount devices are small – just 3.5 mm square – but packed with power, offering up to 45 mW resulting in superior precision, reliability and efficiency

  • Power output of 12 mW at 265 nm
  • Power output of 25 or 40 mW at 280 nm
  • Power output of 30 or 45 mW at 285 nm
  • Power output of 30 mW at 300 nm

SMD Devices on Metal Core Carrier Board

SMD can be mounted on carrier boards for ease of use particularly in a laboratory application or where packaging flexibility is needed.  No SMD soldering is necessary.  Two Mac8 style press in connectors make these SMD easy to start working with.

TO46 Package (flat window)

Designed for instrumentation, these reliable UV-LED packages provide significant power levels and are laboratory work horses.

  • Power output of 0.4 mW at 265 nm
  • Power output of 1.6 mW at 280 nm
  • Power output of 1.6 mW at 285 nm
  • Power output of 1.5 mW at 300 nm

The TO-46 packages with flat windows have 80 degree viewing angle.

TO46 Package (with lens)

Also ideal for instrumentation, these TO-46 packages incorporate lenses resulting in a narrow 7 degrees viewing angle

  • Power output of 0.6 mW at 265 nm
  • Power output of 1.9 mW at 280 nm
  • Power output of 1.9 mW at 285 nm
  • Power output of 2.0 mW at 300 nm

Multi-chip Modules

These high-intensity SMD modules can be custom designed for an array of configurations and applications.  Arrays are available at 265, 285, and 300 nm. Multiple watt output is achieved, with intensity exceeding 100 mW per sq cm


UV LED - Web Store

PartWavelengthPackageOutputFull AngleStore
VPS131265 nmSMD12 mW130 deg.Buy
VPC131265 nmSMD w/board12 mW130 deg.Buy
VPT632265 nmTO-460.4 mW80 deg.Buy
VPT731265 nmTO-46 w/lens0.6 mW7 deg.Buy
VPS161280 nmSMD25 mW130 deg.Buy
VPC161280 nmSMD w/board25 mW130 deg.Buy
VPT761280 nmTO-46 w/lens1.9 mW7 deg.Buy
VPS171285 nmSMD30 mW130 deg.Buy
VPC171285 nmSMD w/board30 mW130 deg.Buy
VPS1A1300 nmSMD30 mW130 deg.Buy
VPC1A1300 nmSMD w/board30 mW130 deg.Buy
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