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Environmental Monitoring & Resources

Increasingly we require a better understanding of our environment and how we can monitor and manage our precious natural resources. Boston Electronics solutions are present from monitoring minute traces of gases, killing harmful bacteria in our water, to measuring through miles of the upper atmosphere, and everything in between.

  • Gas sensing and surface monitoring – from high to trace concentrations – IR detectors, lasers and sources from Vigo, Alpes, Heimann, HawkEye, etc.
  • Water, air and surface disinfection – SiC photodetectors for  UV lamp and LED monitoring/dose control sensors from sglux; UVLED for disinfection from Nikkiso
  • Sun index monitoring – UV exposure monitoring sensors from sglux
  • Atmospheric research – transient recorders (for differential absorption LIDAR or DIAL) from Licel

Environmental Monitoring & Resources Products