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Infrared Sources

We publish four brochures with info on IR sources and you can download these in entirety by clicking the links below.





NEW!! - You spoke and we listened.

Now available is the Universal Photon Source (UPS) Driver Board that drives infrared sources, LEDs, and lasers in CW or pulsed mode.  Click here for information.




The best way to start telling you about what we mean by IR source is to first tell you what we do NOT mean.  We do NOT sell LEDs or laser diodes useful for data- or tele-comunications, or for simple sensing by beam reflection or beam interruption.  Those devices operate on wavelengths shorter than 1.6 microns and are commodities, widely available from many other suppliers.

Boston Electronics offers infrared sources for use in analytical instruments.  There are three types that we sell.  Those are THERMAL SOURCES, LEDs and QCLs (tunable Quantum Cascade semiconductor lasers).

Among thermal sources we offer:


  • Calibration Grade
  • Instrumentation Grade
    • CW
    • Electrically modulated

Our Newest IR sources are from HelioWorks and consist of TUNGSTEN or Kanthal filaments in parabolic reflectorized TO-8 packages with Sapphire or Calcium Fluoride windows.  These are CW or electrically modulateable and have a very high on-axis output. Click here for the essential info.

(Datasheets for the EK-8520, EK-8521, EK-8522, and EK-8523)

Helioworks also offers foil sources with Sapphire, Calcium Fluoride, or Zinc Selenide windows. Click here for the latest datasheet for the EF-8531, Sapphire window, EF-8532, Calcium Fluoride window, or EF-8533, Zinc Selenide

Please note that the enitre EF-8530 series is available is both the 2 pin and the 4 pin version.

Another NEW product is a Silicon Nitride Emitter mounted in a Parabolic Reflector, the IR-18Details, click here.

Also NEW and significant are the IR-70 and IR-75 electrically modulatable thermal sources.  These can be modulated at over 100 Hz with 50% contrast.  For details click here.

Our LEDs are from Ioffe Institute Mid-IR Diode Optical Pair Group in Saint Petersburg, Russia.   Available wavelengths include 1.9, 2.1, 3..0,3.4, 3.8, 4.2, 4.7, 5.5 and 7 microns.  These are all fairly wide bandwidth sources with half power bandwidths typically 500 nm so adjacent wavelengths are also covered.  They are especially suited for low duty cycle short pulsed operation but will operate CW as well.  For greater power, consider using TWO devices instead of one.  TWO devices have much more power than ONE on a TE-cooler, and cost a LOT LESS.

Our thermal sources are resistors of various sorts heated by applying an electric current.  Some can be electrically modulated at up to 10 Hz by interrupting the current flow.  Others have a larger thermal mass and cannot be modulated effectively at a frequency suitable for most analytical instruments. 

Our Tunable IR Diode Lasers -- Quantum Cascade Lasers at room temperature or cryogenic temperature.

Also available are calibration quality blackbody systems and extended area blackbody sources.

The following page summarizes the issues to keep in mind when choose an infrared source.