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Visible-Near IR Detectors for Photon Counting and QKD:

ANOTHER Near IR Photon Counter Breakthrough!

id Quantique introduces the NEW id220 InGaAs photon counter for 900 to 1700 nm including telecom wavelengths.  The important parameter in this new detector set is it's ability to operate free-running rather than in gated mode.

Silicon APDs for single photon counting - devices with up to 500 mm diameter active area and VERY LOW Dark Count Rates

The id100-series from id Quantique in Switzerland is a room temperature 350 to 900 nm silicon APD with extremely fast (40 ps) response and excellent timing stability up to count rates of at least 10 MHz.  A companion product is the id150-1x8, an 8-element linear array.  In fact, in some applications these have better timing accuracy than the Hamamatsu R3809U MCP PMT, at a much lower cost.  The active area is of course much smaller than that of the R3809U.  .Applications include single molecule spectroscopy and time resolved confocal microscopy. 

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